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identity, presence, relationships, exploration, live communication

Relazioni Digitali offers a range of activities tailored to the needs of each client, beginning with a strategic consultancy service which is designed on the basis of the individual scenario and objectives.
In the phygital age, we encourage reciprocal discussion, which we believe to be necessary in order to establish the identity, reputation and positioning of our clients.

Our activities


We manage the entire process of pinpointing the key elements of a solid identity for our clients. We create content in accordance with strategic and planning needs, and this enables us to project an image that is in line with the company mission, both internally and externally.

graphic design, storytelling, copywriting,
video making, UX/UI design,
digital solutions

social media, media planning,
event planning, web presence
optimization, web monitoring,
website & app

The way in which a company, product or project is positioned within the digital landscape is the result of strategic choices, which in turn are determined by the integrated vision of communication that has always set Relazioni Digitali apart. In this day and age, presence is phygital: simultaneously physical and digital.



Listening to the customer and drawing on our experience are the foundations on which our network of high-profile relationships is built, thanks to an approach to communication that is more qualitative than quantitative. Our goal is to establish the best reputation possible, both nationally and internationally.

media relation, pr & digital pr, press office,
web marketing, community management,
CSR, fundraising & partner management

research & development, service design, training, digital & interactive tools

The story of Relazioni Digitali has been closely linked to the concept of innovation right from the very beginning. But innovation cannot exist without a careful search for the most advanced tools and language in the current scenario. In order to compete in today's market, it is crucial to remain ahead of the curve, and to explore all of the possibilities offered by both the physical and digital worlds.


live communication

We believe that in the current context, maintaining the flow of information is impossible without immediacy and promptness.
For this reason, we have launched an ad hoc system for managing live communication activities on the network, on social media channels and also during events.

social media management,
event management, crisis management,
monitoring of the network