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The agency

Relazioni Digitali was founded in Turin, the fruit of thirty years of experience acquired by Mailander in the corporate communications and regional marketing sectors. Our goal is to find innovative solutions that are based upon the needs of people and clients. We take a phygital approach, blending the physical world with the digital.

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The network

Relazioni Digitali is part of PROI Worldwide, the first network of independent communications agencies in the world. Against an increasingly phygital and interconnected backdrop, belonging to PROI enables us to offer our customers a truly international, cutting-edge experience. Since the agency was founded, we have been working with Mailander, one of the leading professional communications companies in Italy, and with Marketing del Territorio, a publication which specialises in territorial marketing.


Relazioni Digitali works in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, actively supporting the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Our strategic vision of communication and of modern society embraces the values championed by the Foundation: promoting female entrepreneurship in emerging and developing areas, also using innovative technologies. Drawing on the skills gained within the CSR field, Relazioni Digitali works to place companies that wish to embark on their own Corporate Social Responsibility journey in contact with the Cherie Blair Foundation.